Episode 32: Spectre

The writing has been on the wall for sometime, it was bound to happen. This week, Craig, Sean, and Frank get together to discuss the latest James Bond film SPECTRE starring Batista and Daniel Craig. Learn about how each of them got hooked on James Bond films and what their thoughts were on this lasting outing.

This will be our last episode until March! We are taking a break after a full year of regular episodes and we will return don’t worry.




Episode 31: The Wall

The special guest train pulls into the station with patron saint of the podcast, Frank Congilose! Join Craig, Sean, and Frank as they tackle the Amazon Studios film, The Wall starring John Cena! Will the boys all enjoy this flick or will they want their heads smashed into a wall after watching it? You’ll only find out after listening to this newest episode!

Episode 30: Santa’s Slay

Mercer County New Jersey’s own celebrity bicycle enthusiast David Ullman joins Craig and Sean this week to watch the Bill Goldberg helmed classic, Santa’s Slay! Join the round table this week as they discuss David’s history with professional wrestling, memories of watching this film together back in their roommate days, and also what their favorite kills in the movie were. Just remember that this movie is about Santa Claus, not fucking Dracula and you’ll be all set for this final Christmas season episode!

Episode 29: Santa’s Little Helper

Here we are again with another WWE Studios Christmas movie starring The Miz! We really loved Christmas Bounty last year but will Santa’s Little Helper match it in terms of quality? Will adding Paige to the mix bring it over the top? There is just so much Christmas joy in this episode that you’ll be applying to become Santa’s HoHoHo too!

Episode 28: Jingle All the Way 2

Craig and Sean begin their Holiday Season of WWE movies with the obscure sequel you probably didn’t even know existed, Jingle All the Way 2! This film stars former WWE Superstar Santino and Larry the Cable Guy. This was a bizarre experience and the guys sure loved dissecting this one! So get in the holiday spirit and join us for this VERY special film!